Wall Galleries

Images are meant to be enjoyed..

Images were not designed to be housed on a usb thumb drive and shoved in a drawer; they were meant to be printed and displayed for you to enjoy and share.  David Schwartz Photography offers a complete custom service to provide you with heirloom wall displays and print products for your home.  Options include framed prints, fine art canvases, metal & wood prints, collages, and photo albums.  I look forward to creating a work of art that expresses and embodies your love for one another.

the investment begins at $1,200 for a custom gallery   

What To Expect





Two weeks after each event, we will get together in studio or virtually to select the perfect photos for your products.

We will have an amazing time at your engagement session and wedding while getting tons of options for your wall art.

Four to six weeks later, I will hand-deliver your photos and install any wall art galleries you ordered

One week prior to your engagement session, we will meet to pick the perfect products for your style and review the space where you plan to display your art.